Ameritrade CSV to QIF Converter

This code takes a csv file produced by TD Ameritrade and makes a qif that GnuCash 2 (and possibly other software) can import.  It was written and lightly tested on Debian Etch and is based on earlier work by John McKown.  It requires popt libraries and boost tokenizer and format header files to compile.  I am releasing it under the GPL v2.

See here for other related info, and please drop me a line that way if you find this useful.  The code is still ugly in some ways and doesn't handle all the troubles of importing from QIF files.  In particular, setting the account doesn't work with the current GnuCash import facility.  It will probably not get much further improvement.  I may try to convert to OFX files, however.  Again, send me encouraging email if you could use that.

Zak Dongia, 2006-Nov-22